A secret for hair growth: Manshanu

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August 13, 2016
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October 15, 2016

A secret for hair growth: Manshanu

Hey hair lovers,
I have finally gotten around to posting here. Please, bear with me and my bad habit of not posting regularly. Better late than never,eh?

Today, I introduce to you something that has been in existence since time immemorial. My mother always swears by it because when I was way younger I was hairless. She always says it is the reason why I have this fast growing and awesome hair.

I always thought she was exaggerating (she actually was.I have cut my hair plenty times since when she used it for me) and so I assigned no importance to it. That is until I saw the miracle it performed.

My younger sister’s hair has always been the definition of ‘rat chop’. My mom got her some manshanu and within months, her edges as well as her entire head was full of hair! The hair had weight and was actually long.

I also watched as the oil helped a lady grow all her hair back after all her hair fell off as a result of chemotherapy treatments. I decided not to carry last and so I joined the movement.

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This is before all the milk was rinsed away. It is still very fresh

Manshanu means ‘Cow butter’ in fulani language. It is a type of clarified butter and is also called ‘Ghee’ by the abroad people. It is simply milk fat that has been separated from the milk of cows.

Manshanu is excellent for hair growth as well as for the skin. It is also used to cook and people say the meals taste nice. I haven’t tried using it for my skin nor eaten it yet though.

I am sure that everyone envies the awesomeness of the hair of Fulani women; we have now discovered their trade secret. Apart from the Fulani women, other African countries know the potency of this product and use it well.

I recently found out that manshanu has more uses than the oil. It is also an awesome deep conditioner in its solid state and it can be used to prepoo in both states! It has a weird smell which you eventually get used to.

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It is actually cream in colour, the camera flash made it yellow

I always knew about the oil so when I buy it, I turn the fat to oil and use to rub on my hair on it’s own or I mix with shea butter and apply. The process of turning into oil has an off smell which can be very annoying.

I also have manshanu in my spray bottle and I use it to massage my scalp; this helps a lot in managing my extremely dry scalp.

When using it as a deep conditioner, simply apply it lightly to your hair and cover with a processing cap. I prefer using a processing cap instead of a shower cap so that I can dispose it without guilt(shower caps are expensive! You know I am an alaroro, right) as the cap can be really oily when you take it off.

I read a couple of reviews and thought to share so I won’t have to write things that have already been properly addressed (Yes, I am lazy). You can read up Review 1 and Review 2 to learn more.

Don’t forget that you have to be patient and consistent to get the result you want; especially for hair growth.

If you have used manshanu, please, let’s read your review too. Kindly drop a comment.

NOTE: When using manshanu to prepoo or deep condition, use it in moderate amounts because washing it out can be a chore and a little goes a long way. It is also very oily so you might not need to add any other oils to it.

If you are using it in it’s oily state, then you can mix it. Also, because the smell can be off when it becomes stale, I advice it to be used in its oily state (I usually remove all the milk so even when it congeals, it doesn’t smell bad), except if you want to use it as a deep conditioner. It should always be refrigerated when it is still in its solid state.

P.S- The best part of this gist is that I have done all the hard work of sourcing for this awesome stuff! If you want to get the oil or the raw manshanu for shingeli money, you can simply click on the word above and you’d be redirected to the shop or simply drop a comment. Thank you.

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Stay Slaying,


Hello darling, My name is Jennifer and I am glad that you are in my space. I help people take care of their hair and skin using natural products so that they can have a healthy hair and glowing skin. I am also a talkative and I am an 'almost' on air personality. Please, don't laugh at me, I am just being truthful. That dream will soon come true...can I get an amen? I know you are wondering what the correlation is between an almost OAP and a beautypreneur, don't worry, I will give you the gist! When I decided to 'return natural' with my hair, I was almost discouraged because of the prices of the hair care products that I had to buy. I began to research and before long, I was making my own products and my hair was thriving! I decided to start producing hand made products that will be affordable and will make being a naturalista easy. I wasn't sure how it would go but it has been an awesome journey so far. As for my skin products, I have always been big on making my own bathing soap with mixtures that my mother taught me. I told myself that it would be wrong of me to glow alone and so I started making hand made body products for my darling customers that are my HF slayers! I also had to throw in other organic/natural products that are usually scarce and expensive so that they become readily available and most especially, affordable. My goal is to help you achieve your hair and skin goals without breaking the bank! I really hope that you achieve that from this space and I look forward to connecting with you personally. Don't forget that love makes the world go round; don't keep information to yourself. Be charitable and share our posts, you never can tell who needs to read it. Thank you. xxx Jennifer.

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  1. Vanessa says:

    I can attest to mainshanu in my secondary school days and I wish Nigerians could carry out a research on it. But my hair latter cut seriously which some people say it does if you ever stop using it or cause my hair wasn’t natural. Am clueless on that.

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