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November 21, 2016


Hi Beautiful people!!!
I’m back with another post for your reading knowledge (abi pleasure). Today, I am going to be talking about my ‘miracle potion’. Lol. I honestly think that this thing can cure everything (ok, almost everything).

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I learnt about Apple Cider Vinegar when I started studying about natural hair. In the course of my research, I found out that apart from using it as a dandruff treatment, people also use it for weight loss. I decided to try it for that too. Lol.

I actually noticed that I became lighter for the few days that I kept up with the regimen. I later decided that I liked my weight so I stopped, sha. In the course of this experiment, I discovered the first best thing that ACV did for me. I stopped having ulcer pangs for the period that I took the ACV!

For someone that ulcer has done shege to, my excitement was immense. That was when I got initiated into the ACV religion. In that same period, I noticed that I didn’t have to drink alcohol for menstrual pain again, my darling ACV was helping me take away the pain. Taking alcohol for the pain used to always worsen my ulcer pangs so finding something that could take the pain away was A-M-A-Z-I-N-G, guys!

I told my mom about it and she started taking it too. She always agreed that the liquid had ‘healing powers’.
In fact, let me make a list of the things that I have taken ACV for that I have testimonies of. I’d also throw in things that people around me have taken it for.
– Weight Loss
– Dandruff Elimination
– Ulcer
– Menstrual Pain
– Stomach Upset
– Acne Removal
– I use it for almost everything related to Natural hair

Some other things that you can use ACV for are listed in this article. There are 50 things, I can’t list them here.

Now, people always complain about the sour taste of ACV even after it has been diluted with water. Yes, the taste can be off but I don’t think it’s bad (and I hate bitter things). I actually use the Heinz brand of ACV and it doesn’t have the mother. Bragg is a brand that has the mother but as far as I am concerned, Heinz works perfectly for me. Maybe I am just a cheap skate but yes, I do like cheap things, especially when they work. I have learnt not to spend irrelevant money, biko.

This post is just to let you know about some of the awesome ‘miracles’ that ACV performs. I know that y’all were expecting a post about natural hair but I couldn’t keep all the other good uses to myself na. Anyway, a lot of people have written awesome stuff about ACV and its uses for hair so I am just going to give you a link. Please, read it and consult our darling google for more info.

I am sure you know that I can’t know all these good things about Apple Cider Vinegar and not sell it, right? If you want the Heinz brand, I gat you! Please call or send a whatsapp message to 08184204227 or leave a comment below.
Also, please share your ACV testimonies in the comment section so we can all learn.

Thank you for reading darlings……. Stay healthy!

Don’t keep it all to yourself…. Share some sweetness!! 😉

Hello darling, My name is Jennifer and I am glad that you are in my space. I help people take care of their hair and skin using natural products so that they can have a healthy hair and glowing skin. I am also a talkative and I am an 'almost' on air personality. Please, don't laugh at me, I am just being truthful. That dream will soon come true...can I get an amen? I know you are wondering what the correlation is between an almost OAP and a beautypreneur, don't worry, I will give you the gist! When I decided to 'return natural' with my hair, I was almost discouraged because of the prices of the hair care products that I had to buy. I began to research and before long, I was making my own products and my hair was thriving! I decided to start producing hand made products that will be affordable and will make being a naturalista easy. I wasn't sure how it would go but it has been an awesome journey so far. As for my skin products, I have always been big on making my own bathing soap with mixtures that my mother taught me. I told myself that it would be wrong of me to glow alone and so I started making hand made body products for my darling customers that are my HF slayers! I also had to throw in other organic/natural products that are usually scarce and expensive so that they become readily available and most especially, affordable. My goal is to help you achieve your hair and skin goals without breaking the bank! I really hope that you achieve that from this space and I look forward to connecting with you personally. Don't forget that love makes the world go round; don't keep information to yourself. Be charitable and share our posts, you never can tell who needs to read it. Thank you. xxx Jennifer.

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