About Us

Hairffiliation is a Nigerian, natural hair and skin brand. We are also mobile hair makers and we make wigs too. We strongly believe that being natural is the new cool and we have made our products extremely affordable so that no one is left out. We even have trendy, chic T-shirts with awesome inscriptions for naturalistas! The organic/natural products is a movement and we are proud to be advocates. The excuse used to be that these products were expensive but with us, that's a thing of the past.

We sell body butters, African black soap and body scrubs that make your skin glow. We make shea mixes and African black soap shampoo for the hair. We also sell coconut oil and other (carrier and essential) oils, we sell bulk shea butter, black soap and Manshanu (ghee) for hair growth. Lastly, we sell products from other brands which are tested and trusted and most importantly, affordable. Our products are hand made and infused with a lot of love